Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Im sitting here at work and I just can't get it out of my mind! I just sat here and kept thinking to myself should I write about this or not??? Well yesterday I got off work a little later then I usually do and for some reason I went to pick up my oldest first, usually I go and pick up our 3youngest from my sisters but today I wanted to get my oldest first. Soo I drove home and went to see if he was in the house and he wasn't home, so I walked over to his friends house where he's suppose to be staying at after school until I get off to pick him up. So I walked over there and knocked on the door and there was no answer, so I just sat in the car for awhile until someone came home. Then I seen one of the older siblings going in so I walked over and asked him if Vita was there! He went in and came back out and said "No one was home" I asked him if he could call his mom to see if she may have taken him with his younger siblings and the respond was also a "No". I was soo SCARED!!! Already an hour went by and he was no where to be found. So I walked over to another friends house and asked them if he had came by there place, the kids stated "No, Tevita got off the first bus stop and thats the last time they seen him!" I got even more SCARED at this point I wasn't crying & I didnt know what to do! I had Keila's phone so I couldn't get a hold of him and the only way I knew how to get a hold of him was by texting Ova's cell! I texted him to have Keila call me ASAP cause it was an EMERGENCY! He did so and Keila called me right back in less then a minute with a co-workers phone! I then started explaining to him how I couldn't find our son he was no where to be found! He thought at first I was lieing until I didnt say just kidding! He started freaking out and the first thing he said is to CALL THE POLICE!!! So I hung up with him then I called my sister Irene first just to check and see if they had stopped by and picked him up! She started freaking out too and was soo upset with me! (i want to say lol right now but really this was not a matter to be laughing at right now!!!) I then hung up the phone with her and called the police it has now been 2hrs and 30mins that has gone by and I havent found my son! I was SCARED! I still haven't cried yet! While I was on the phone with the Police Department I just didnt know what the heck to say to them! They started asking me all kinds of questions and then all of a sudden it HIT ME THAT MY SON MAY HAVE GOTTEN LOST or KIDNAPPED!!!! I started BURSTING INTO TEARS!!! I couldn't talk to them anymore with a straight voice, she had me stay on the phone with her until the police arrived! As I was parked in the front of our home sitting in the ride balling my eyes out and talking with the police department. All of a sudden I see my neighbor come out of his home and started knocking on my door, I then got out and said hi and if he by chance seen my oldest Tevita! He didnt say YES and he didnt say NO either! He just looked at his door and pointed to his house! I started crying even more! I then said is he in your house??? He doesnt respond at all he just walked into his home and then the door opens back up and out walks TEVITA!! I looked at him and ran and grabbed him and then I told the police on the phone I FOUND HIM and that my neighbor had him the whole time! I then had to wait for the police to still arrive because they needed to make see him and make sure he was alright! I then THANKED my NEIGBOR soo MUCH for taking him in! We then went into our home and waited for the police. I then started talking to Vita and asked him how come he didnt come in our home or go to his friends house where he was suppose to be. He replys: "I was scared cause his friends dad was hitting them so I walked out and came home but then I got scared and sat outside the door and then Todd (our neighbor) told me I could come in there home and play with Tammy (his daughter) until I goet home!" I then told him I was soo SCARED and how I called the police and went everywhere looking for him! He was shocked and sad at the same time. He didnt know I would do that for him! I told him of course I would! I would never let anyone take him or I would never just sit around and not look for him! 10mins later the police arrived took some information down and then left! By the time they left it was now 6:10pm so we headed to pick up Keila from work cause he was almost off! We picked up Keila and we both talked to Vita on our way to pick up the rest of our kids and WOW!!!! Is all I can say after this LONG LONG DAY of being SCARED OUT OF MY MIND!!! His brothers were soo excited to see him because my sister told them what had happened!!! So after all this commotion Vita NOW gets picked up by his aunty when school is OFF because I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER REPEAT OF YESTERDAY :(

Monday, November 29, 2010


Black Friday!!!! It was sooo much FUN:)  I was wishing more of my family wre gonna be able to go with us but sadly no one wanted to go due to everyone's bank had no funds! lol.. Soo this years Black Friday I honestly had FUN cause it was just my hubby and I!!! We started the night off at Walmart we got there around 10pm and I chased my husband in to check how everything looked in cause we had our 2nd youngest with us cause he was balling his eyes out and did NOT want to stay at my grandmas place and it was soo ANNOYING cause right when Keila came out and said lets go in we parked the car and looked back and he was KNOCKD OUT!! Lol.. So we drove back to my grandmas and dropped him off and got back at Walmart around 10:30pm, We went in and it was pretty packed! So my husband seen one of his coworkers from Dannon standing at the pajama aisle just waiting so while we're standing there with them I asked soo where's the BOYS pj's?? Cause there's nothing but girl pj's here! Some lady yells out loud ohhh its all the way on the other side! I looked at Keila you friggin IDIOT!! LMBO.. We were standing there for 20mins at the WRONG side! lol.. Soo I hurried up and ran to the boys side and there was already a huge group huddling around the Boys PJ's! Hoii... Sooo I start sorting through the box and ripping it open more so I can find my boys sizes! Lol.. One lady yells your not suppose to touch it till midnight and I reply OKAY WELL YOU DONT TOUCH IT TILL MIDNIGHT CAUSE I DONT GIVE A DAYUM!!!! HAHAHAHA...... I was already in a rush trying to get all our boys pj's and I know for a fact if I left Keila there to grab them he would come back with just one for each child! lol.. Well I had Keila stand there with the pj's in our cart before a worker yells at us for touching them and taking them out! lol..While he waited there I went to the towels! It was too FUNNY! I got to the towels and there was just enough room there for me to fit and stand there! I was standing there literally for an hour waiting for midnight to hit once midnight came it was MADNESS!!! I had a WHOLE STACK of different colors of towels I had pulled out earlier and held in the box holding before anyone starts yanking them! I didnt have a cart by me so all TWENTY TOWELS I was holding all on my OWN! And to top it off I was being SMOOSHED!!! I was soo PISSED OFF at the guy behind me cause he literally had both of his hands wrapped around me grabbing towels and wouldn't let me out! I turned around and gave him a few words!!! Lol.. I grabbed the towels and headed to the cashier where Keila & Ova were holding our spots! We left Walmart with 20 pajamas, 20 towels & 2 boxes of Tubawear! Lmbo..

Then we head on over to TARGET!!! We got there at 12:30am and there doors weren't gonna open till 4:00am!!! 8)  WOW... Soo we were like the 15th or 16th person in line! We sat there for awhile until I couldn't anymore! I chased Keila to go to my grandmas and grab some folding chairs, blankets and HOT CHOCOLATE!! And it was a bad idea cause home boy didnt come back till an HOUR LATER! ANNOYING!!! Lol.. Soo we sat there and it felt like FOREVER!!! Then finally the doors opened!!! I was holding on to Keila trying NOT to loose him, but right when we got into the doors this faggot straight booked it and left me running on my OWN! LMBO... I didnt know where anything was! Soo I just started running and followed some lady! Lol.. I started grabbing games and clothes and some more pajamas untill I couldnt hold anything anymore! I was standing there looking everywhere for Keila then I spotted him ran to him threw everything in the cart and made him go to the front and save us a spot while I grab some more things!! We got a 10$ gift card for spending more then 100$ I think! and we left Target with 1 Game Chair, 1 Samsung Camera, TONS and TONS of Toys, Board Games & Video Games, More Pajamas, 40 more Towels!!! And I have to say NO ONE was GRABBING TOWELS at TARGET except for ME!!! LMBO... And we also got a lot of Clothes, Gloves/Beanie Sets and House Slippers!!!!

We got home around 5am went to sleep then I woke back up around 8am and got up and left to KMART!! LMBO... Got more stuff wrapping papers, bows, tapes and last but not least a CHRISTMAS TREE =)  Then I headed back HOME and wrapped everything up and put our christmas tree up!!!! It was a SUCCESS our Boys were soo EXCITED to see ALL THE GIFTS UNDER THE TREE!!!!!!!!!


Monday, November 8, 2010

...Halloween Bloggers GNO...

Well I honestly never would've started a Blog if it weren't for Halloween Bloggers GNO! Lol.. I was soo excited just being invited to attend who wouldn't be after seeing a invitation like this! Thanks to Monica Fangupo.

So our GNO was AWESOME and by far the BEST GNO I've ever been too!!! I had soo much FUN and cant forget the NON-STOP LAUGHS we all had!!! Our Bloggers GNO was put together by two wonderful gals that I am happy to have gotten to know Monica Fangupo who was in charge of the decorations and providing her beautiful home to host our GNO and she did a GREAT JOB on the decorations, and Dianna Otukolo who was in charge of the games and I've got to say the games were absolutely FUN!!! One thing she asked us to do was to write a Blog about yourself and to bring it with you. She read each blog out loud and we all had to guess who we thought the blog belong too, which was pretty sad cause I only had two right! Lol.. But its okay the whole point of the game is so we get to know more about each other if we hadn't already knew each other. And here is my Blog I or lets say my Hubby helped me write lol..:

"GNO Bloggers Halloween Party"
Good evening family, friends and future lifelong friends. I would like to share a little something about myself to see if any of you can figure out who I am. One characteristic that really stands out about myself is that I am very shy and it takes me awhile to get comfortable with people. But when I do people tend to love being around me and for some reason people always think I’m Tongan but I have to explain to them I’m too pretty to be Tongan. Hahaha. Just kidding because I love my half breed kids with all my heart and I can’t forget about my Husband. Lol.I have a couple of hobbies that I love to do. I love to cook and try cooking different peoples’ recipes to see if I can do it better. Hahaha. I love to fly to different places since I fly non-rev.  One of my favorite trips was a day tripper to NYC for a Free Reggae Concert with my husband. We went to see June Lodge and Pam Hall but they ended up not performing.  We walked the Brooklyn Bridge which I thought felt like forever because I was 6 months at the time and I will not do that again. I tried out Rugby this year for the first time and I found it to be fun. I love to watch new release movies at the theaters or bootlegs, whatever is convenient at the time. Every time I go to the theaters even though we just ate out I always have to get popcorn which gets on my husbands’ nerves because I never really touch it. Hahaha. Oh well he has to live with it. Lol.Well there’s not that much more to talk about myself which I think is pretty sad, because I was thinking by the time I’m done writing my blog about myself I would have at least three pages. Well I guess I thought wrong. Lol. Well I hope the person reading this could figure out who I am with what I have wrote so far. I’m excited to be here and to be a part of this GNO Bloggers Halloween Party:)

Well I feel soo bummed out that I didn't have a camera to take pictures but Thanks Dianna cause I stole some of yours! Lol... And don't worry I'll have a camera ready for our next GNO so I'm not stealing any of yours again!!! Lmbo..

Me as a Kitty Kat with a fishy I painted on my belly for my baby Girl! Hahaha... I wish!!! LOL...
But my scarf was covering it!!!
Monica (Jack) & Atisa (Mrs Officer)
Talia (80's Chick) & Marie (Medusa)
Dianna as a (Vato Cholo) lol..
Lilly (the Witch) & Giana (as Mrs Beckham) lol..
Me, Barbara as (Sis Mary Clarence), Isa, Giana, Lilly, Monica and our photographer Cia (Mrs Smarty Pants) lol.. We took this picture late and some of the girls had already left so we were missing Dianna and Atisa.

Well I gotta say I had a BLAST!!! There was good company and yummy food. Now i'm looking forward to having a GNO more often with these wonderful ladies I was able to meet and hope to get to know more better. I I cant wait for our next GNO in Janurary. Thanks again to Monica and Dianna for throwing the BEST GNO EVER!!!!