Tuesday, May 7, 2013

...Baby On The Way...

It's been awhile since the last time I blogged and I said I was gonna be right back with updates and never did. Lol
Since then I am expecting my #6 and its another Boy and he will also be our LAST.

(1st Ultrasound out of the three I had)
(Belly view after Church last Sunday)
This Pregnancy came with ups and downs galore...
So many things happened within this pregnancy that I wish never did
but at the end of everything we all came as one and agreed with one another.
I haven't been very sick as much as I was when I was pregnant with my youngest right now. I just had the normal Morning Sickness  in my 1st Trimester and then it slowly went away as 2nd Trimester came along, Which flew by like it was nothing. Lol..
I am now about 32wks along and I am due on Friday, July 5th 2013.
I was told I'll be looking at being induced for my C-section between June  28th - July 1st, Due to I had 5 previous C-sections and once you have two you most likely have the rest Cesarean.
And Yes, I had all 5 of my Boys by Cesarean Surgery....
Till this day I wished I didn't so I could keep having more but you can only go through getting cut up so much, And I feel like my body has gone through enough and its time for me to rest and heal.
But I'm hoping they schedule my C-section for July 1st like they said since June 30th falls on a Sunday and they don't schedule on Sundays. But before I could even think of that I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do about Insurance wise.
My Husbands work Insurance sucks so bad we discontinued it and I stopped going to my
Prenatal Checkups cause it was so darn Expensive. So the last time I've been see was at 18wks and I am desperate need of a Checkup again.
Next subject is Names!!
My Husband of course wanted to name this one after Himself again even though our youngest right now is already named after him! He's so WEIRD!!! Lol..
But since he basically named all five of our other sons,
I've decided I'm going to name this one since he will be our LAST!!!!
I originally wanted to name him after my Dad (Malu) but since my baby brother Malu is expecting his 1st born and he's going to be naming his son after himself and my Dad I had to look for another name. And so I've decided I'm going to name him
"Afa Ioane Jr. Otukolo"
after my baby brother right under me "Arthur (Afa) Ioane Laulu".
He's been so Excited ever since he found out I'm naming my son after him. He's one of those people who stand from the side and whenever anyone's pregnant that's having a Boy hes there to say "Ohh.. His name is going to be Afa  huh?" LoL.. He's always wanted a son of his own but just hasn't had one yet so he's very Excited that he's the 1st one out of my brothers to have someone named after him.

I really don't have much more to say but that my Baby Lee our youngest right now is going to be a Great Big Brother!!
He's forever Kissing, Rubbing, Laying or Hugging my belly and always telling me
"No Mommy my Baby!"
(He LOVES my Belly)
Well so far this Pregnancy has been Good to me and I can't wait to meet my New Bundle of Joy.
(Being a Lil Brave with this Pix! Lol...)

(Amost there 8wks and 3days to Go)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

...So Much To Update So Lil Time...

Sheehsuss.... (if that's even a word!) lol... Hubby got an Ipad2 and I downloaded this BlogPress App so I can always blog where ever I go with HIS Ipad2!!! Lmbo... He's prolly gonna kill me for buying it!!! But oh we'll what's yours is mine right!?!??? Hahahaha...... Well back to the subject I have so much blog posts to update but I feel like I have No TIME!!!! So patient with me and I'll be posting soon;)